King Henry Viii Costume For Adults

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KING HENRY VIIILife as a king would certainly be an interesting one


After breakfast, it's off to the throne room to discuss royal politics with your trusted staff. nbsp After this, you take a lunch break and go for a horseback ride across the surrounding countryside, just to get some fresh air

Everyone is dressing up this year, no exceptions! nbsp

Gold is the color of kings, after all

It matches your crown! Over this, you'll be wearing a bronze medallion on a long bronze chain

It'd certainly take some getting used to! Imagine living in a castle

Sounds like a pretty great day, doesn't it nbsp FUN DETAILS nbsp This costume will have you totally prepped for your first day as king

Then it's back to the castle to discuss more politics, then it's dinner time

Then, finally, you are done with your work and can listen to some live entertainment that has come all the way across the country to sing for you

We would require people to start dressing up for Halloween

You wake up in the morning in your Massive stone bedroom and the maid has already put out a little breakfast for you at your desk

You would live your entire life in the spotlight, the center of attention

You'll be looking the part of a king now, all you'll need are some pants, the undershirt, and a crown and your costume should be complete! This is a look that we are so confident in that we honestly think King Henry VIII himself would have approved! nbsp FIRST ACT AS KING nbsp When you become king, what will be the first thing you do What will be your first royal act, whether a law or removal of one We know what we would do

You'll be wearing a black doublet that is covered in gold accents